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Suzanne Rougier
ECE Director

Jessica Loren
Assistant to the Director

Adrian Cowan
Secretary (ECE)

Wendy Dalrymple
Secretary (Child Find)

Mary Winterbottom

Wendy Morales

Wendy Orduna

Wendy Shelton
 ECE Consultant

Lea White
ECE Consultant

Marissa Heeren
 ECE Consultant

Staff Resources

Early Childhood Education Curriculum

Young children are active and avid learners and need a curriculum that reflects this fundamental belief. The Aurora Public School Early Childhood Education Department utilizes the Creative Curriculum for Preschool, which is a comprehensive, scientifically based Early Childhood curriculum for young children ages 3-5. The curriculum has been carefully developed and is grounded on a solid foundation of research (Piaget, Erickson, Vygotsky, Gardner and Simlasky). The Creative Curriculum responds to the new requirements for addressing academic content standards in early childhood education and has been aligned with the National Association for the Education of Young Children guidelines and the National Association of Early Childhood Specialists in the State Department of Education.

Classroom teachers are using the Teaching Strategies GOLD (TS GOLD) Objectives for Development and Learning assessment system.  TS GOLD is an observational assessment tool designed to assess how children develop and learn.  Teachers, along with other members of the preschool team (Paraeducators, Early Childhood Special Educators, Speech/Language Pathologists, Physical and Occupational Therapists and Mental Health Professionals) use the ongoing assessment and monitoring to pinpoint where children are in their development and learning.  Through ongoing assessment, teachers are able to intentionally plan learning experiences that respond to children’s individual interests, learning styles and abilities.

The Aurora Public School Early Childhood Education Staff believes that parents play a vital role in the education of their children. The preschool program provides parents with opportunities to build a strong connection between home and school. Parent/teacher conferences are held to inform parents about the progress children are making in preschool. In addition to conferences, parents are also invited monthly into their child’s classroom to participate in literacy based activities.

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