Early Childhood Education Contact

Suzanne Rougier, Director, ECE
Jessica Loren, Assistant To The Director

Mary Winterbottom, Specialist, ECE Department
Ext. 28951


 To contact staff members below, dial 303-326-2000 and the extension.

Student Registration/Enrollment
Wendy Morales, Clerk
Ext. 28979
Wendy Orduna, Clerk                 
Ext. 28978  

ECE Consultant's                                             
Lea White, Consultant
Ext. 29232

Wendy Doudrick, Consultant
Ext. 29265

Marissa Heeren, Consultant
Ext. 28352

Budget & Finance                                                
Melodie Morris, ECE Dept.   
Ext. 28975                                                      

Department Secretary
Marisa Casillas
Ext. 28950

Child Find/Exceptional Student Services
Wendy Dalrymple, Secretary     
Ext. 28432