Early Childhood Education Contact

Suzanne Rougier, Director, ECE
Jessica Loren, Assistant To The Director

Cynthia Andrews, Coordinator
Ext. 21503

Anita Walker, Coordinator
Ext. 21803

Deb McCammond, Coordinator
Ext. 21853

Marsha Haxby, Coordinator
Ext. 23103

Mary Winterbottom, Specialist, ECE Department
Ext. 28951

 To contact staff members below, dial 303-326-2000 and the extension.

Student Registration/Enrollment
Wendy Morales, Clerk
Ext. 28979
Wendy Orduna, Clerk                 
Ext. 28978  

ECE Consultant's                                             
Lea White, Consultant
Ext. 29232

Wendy Shelton
Ext. 29265

Marissa Heeren
Ext. 28352


Site Licensing/Budget & Finance 
Mary Winterbottom, ECE Dept.
Ext. 28951                                                  
Melodie Morris, ECE Dept.   
Ext. 28975                                                      

Community/Family Involvement
& Parent Workshops
Norma Hernandez, Family Liaison
Ext. 21524
Fany Estrada, Family Liaison
Ext. 21836
Cynthia Latimer, Family Liaison
Ext. 23124

Staff Absences/Student Attendance
Jessica Loren, Department
Ext. 28971
Vacancy, Secretary, Dept.
Ext. 28950
Christy Sanders, Secretary Jamaica Child Dev. Center
Ext. 21801
Mirna Perez Gonzalez, Secretary
Meadowood Child Dev. Center
Ext. 23101
Shandra Tucciarone, Secretary Laredo Child Dev. Center
Ext. 21501
Maria Martinez, Secretary Early Beginnings A Zoom Site
Ext. 21851

Child Find/Exceptional Student Services
Wendy Dalrymple , Secretary     
Ext. 28432

Nursing Staff
Linda Wood, Nurse
Ext. 23104
Vacancy, Nurse
Ext. 21523
Lorraine Martinez, Nurse
Ext. 21804